Single Vision Lenses from Zeiss
Experience excellent wearing comfort

​ZEISS brand is synonymous with innovation and supreme technology. About 200 million people wear eyeglass lenses made by ZEISS Vision Care.

Perfect for your first pair of glasses, glasses for children or standard everyday glasses:


ZEISS single vision lenses are used for both distance vision and reading – the two most common reasons people wear glasses.


What's the difference? 

With reading glasses, the single vision lenses are optimised for vision in the near zone and personally fitted to the long-sighted reader's standard reading distance. These lenses are great not only for books, but also for reading smaller font sizes on a smartphone or tablet. Long-sighted wearers usually have blurry vision in the near zone and sometimes when looking into the distance. 

Long-sightedness results from an image being focused behind the retina, resulting in a blurry image. With short-sightedness, however, objects in the distance appear blurry because the short-sighted eye focuses images in front of the retina rather than on it. An optimally fitted pair of distance lenses can help you see clearly when looking at objects which are far away.

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ZEISS progressive lenses

Individual and one of a kind – just like you.

Our wide selection of progressive lens designs enables your optician to produce a pair of progressive glasses optimised for your particular vision needs and featuring unprecedented quality.


Cutting edge computer technology assists in measuring visual performance and fitting the lenses to your frames.


The near, intermediate and distance zones are all incorporated into one lens with smooth transitions.


These lenses are tailor made for your facial shape, your lifestyle, your career and your visual habits. Individual and one of a kind – just like you.

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